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Business Card CD-ROMs or DVDs

How many business cards do you pick up from people you meet? How many of them really stand out and stay in your memory - reminding you of what line of business that person is involved in and what services they offer?

Probably not many. So why not make your business card the one that does stand out from the crowd, with an innovative Business Card CD-ROM or Business Card DVD, not only will the card have your information printed on it, it will also contain your company presentation, detailing clearly all your products and services that your business has to offer.

The clever little CD-ROM can contain a five minute visual presentation with direct links into your website and an email link - you can also include pages, information packs or forms for potential customers to print out.

At Sky Productions we can help you all the way from creating the presentation, to designing, formating and producing the discs. If you would profer the normal shaped discs, or other shapes, we can offer these also.

If you would like more information, please see our Corporate Video page or contact us through the Enquiry Form page or phone 0845 838 7520. Click here to view a Sample Corporate Video Presentation.