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Corporate Video Sample

When we create a corporate video, we look for the most visually interesting way to reveal your intended message.

At Sky Productions we like to think 'out of the box' a little - we believe that's what makes us a little unique.

So we work-shop several ideas for our clients before production and encourage their input and feedback throughout.

We look for fresh, bright, inventive ideas - and the more visually interesting, the better, as we believe this helps the viewer connect with a clear understanding of the product.

Depending on the project requirements, we use several different sources to create the corporate video; using actors, voice-overs, images, visual graphics, special effects, sound effects and music.

When the final Corporate Video presentation is completed, there are several choices of format, including the very compact Business Card CD-ROM or DVD.

We can also help design and produce the presentation packaging.




The requirements for the above InsureCarHire project, was to explain this rather complex product to potential customers - car hire garages.

We established that two of the key selling points of the service were the fact that the garage could very simply produce insurance cover for it's vehicles online with a 'click of a button' and that they, unlike with other companies, were not tied into any contact period.