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The Difference Between a Good and a Great Website

Competition can be fierce in the open market of the internet and making your business website stand out from the rest, in style and search engine positioning (ie, Google search results) and therefore attract more customers to the website has become the Holy Grail of many a business - small or large.

Often businesses are tempted by over-the-top visual effects on their websites, and although this often may be aesthetically pleasing, it does not necessarily lead to an effective website in terms of attracting customers.

The visual presentation of the website design is very important - afterall, it will often be a potential customer's first impression of your business.



So a website should be visually attractive, interesting and easy on the eye. It should also be clear, simple to navigate and relevant to your business and what you are offering your potential customers.

Search engine positioning is a fairly complex and changing field - but the main purpose of it is to position websites in order with their relevance to search queries.

Websites are assessed on a number of objectives, so a 'great' website designer will ensure that a website is designed in a manner that maximises these. At Sky Productions we have researched, and continue to, the key objectives for improving search engine positioning and incoprporate this into our Website Designs.